About Ross Tackett

Building quality for over 30 years

Ross Tackett

Ross Tackett Marco Island Custom Builder

If you are looking for a trusted and reputable builder then Ross Tackett Custom Homes is the one for you. We specialize in Custom Homes, Remodeling and Home Watch Services.

Ross Tackett started his home building career in Indiana over 30 years ago. He is a 'hands on' builder and knows all aspects of construction. He was tired of working in the cold Indiana winters so he packed up his family and moved to Marco Island in 1999. He has since built several custom homes and has done numerous remodeling projects on the island.

Before relocating, he asked several people what they expected in a home builder. The main reasons were being dependable, showing up on time, being honest, and answering the telephone. He has since surpassed all of those reasons and now builds homes on reputation. He listens to what the customers want and how they achieve what they want with the least amount of cost.

Our customers are very satisfied with their building experience with us. They ask us to watch and care for their homes while they go back North.

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